Strange Unsolved Mysteries

There are a lot of people that are into the strange and unusual, and there are a lot of things that have taken place around the world that there just doesn’t seem to be any scientific answer to.

Dwarf Village

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Dorothy Eady and Omm Sety

A little girl by the name of Dorothy Eady who was a normal child in every way met with an accident when she fell down some stairs, and the accident was so severe that she was considered dead on the scene. This was not the case however, and Dorothy woke up and went on with life as usual until in 1908 Dorothy’s parents took her on a visit to the British Museum.

When Dorothy reached the Egyptian part of the museum, she began to act strangely as if she was in a trance and she was attracted to the glass-enclosed mummy. Following this Dorothy went into a depression and became fixated with photos of the ancient settings of Egypt, and insisted that this was her home and that she wanted to go back to it. As life progressed, Dorothy moved to Egypt and would often go into a trance and would scribble hieroglyphics. The information contained in them was very strange indeed but considered factual.

Kalachi Village

Kalachi Village is found in Kazakhstan. What is unusual that is happening here is that many of the residents in this village end up falling asleep during the day and will remain asleep for a few hours. There are some who say that they remain asleep for several days at a stretch. This has happened to over 100 residents in a period of a few years.