Strange Scientific Discoveries and Mysteries

d6b2905370efb6d403f708f5bab74fa7Scientists are always on the lookout for something new to explore and discover. Their journeys when doing this have led them to some very strange scientific discoveries.

Invasion of The Microbes

For many years people have been able to enjoy the great relief and life saving features of the antibiotics and vaccines that were discovered by a team of scientists. Diseases such as smallpox and polio have all been wiped out or are now easily treated. How long this is going to continue remains to be seen and is questionable as scientists have discovered that microbes are now evolving rapidly to the point where it has become difficult to fight them. Drugs that were made in last year to fight influenza, it turns out that in the following year it is useless as there is a new strain.

The Mystery of Dark Space

Scientists know that the universe is made up of many different components, and they also do know that it only accounts for 4% of what is actually there. There is a lot of unknown stuff when it comes to the universe and some of this is considered a dark energy which they feel takes up 73% of the space. However as brilliant as our scientists are, they have not really been able to figure out what dark space or dark energy is. Some say that it is the biggest mystery that can be discovered by science.


Scientists love to make discoveries based on what they have been able to find dating back many years. One that perhaps fits in is the discovery of the rare orichalcum metal that is believed to have come from the Atlantis which is a shipwreck that took place 2600 years ago.

These are just a few of many of the unsolved mysteries of the world.