Strange and Unusual Places

There are plenty of places to visit throughout the world that many people resort to for vacationing and getaways purposes. For those that like something really interesting, they like to seek out what are classified as strange places or really weird parts of the world, and the following are a few of them:

Spotted Lake

Spotted lake is found in British Columbia, Canada and is considered to be a sacred place by the Okanogan people. The reason being is because during the summer months, the water of this lake evaporates and then small pools appear that are mineral pools and each one is a different color.

The Giant’s Causeway

giants-causeway-ireland-rocksThis Causeway is found in Northern Ireland and it is comprised of many different polygon columns that seem to have been placed perfectly geometrically, so much so that the legend is that it must’ve been created by a giant. It actually occurred 6 million years ago as a result of a volcanic eruption.

Lake Hillier

This lake is found in Western Australia and it is made of a very deep pink color. Scientists believe this was caused because of a high salinity that mixes with a salt loving algae.

The Tianzi Mountains

These are part of China’s terrain and they are magnificent limestone pinnacles. They are often viewed through a shrouded mist, but one can see the beautiful greenery that they are covered in. To get a better look at these one can take a cable car tour.

The Bermuda Triangle

This is found in the North Atlantic Ocean and is one phenomenon of the world that has become more well known. It is comprised of 500,000 sq.miles. It is sometimes called the Devil’s triangle but what is so unusual about this area is that there have been many stories about unusual magnetic readings being taken here. There has also been reports that ships and planes and also people have been known to disappear here with no trace of them.