Strange and Unusual Foods

While most people have their favorite food items and pretty well stick to the foods that they are familiar with, a lot of people like to be adventurous when it comes to their cuisine. How far they will go however depends on the individual himself. There are some pretty strange foods found around the world although what may be strange to us is very common in the region that they are found in. Here are a few that are considered to be somewhat unusual.

Tuna Eyeball

i384mgo9As you can guess, this comes from the tuna fish and has been hailed as being a very tasty morsel. Those that have tried it say that it tastes pretty much the same as what squid or octopus would.


Hakarl is found most commonly in Iceland. While most of us wouldn’t even consider eating any food that was rotting, this is a delicacy that is greatly enjoyed and actually quite safe to eat. The carcass of the Greenland shark is buried underground in a small pit where stones are placed upon it to push the poisonous fluids out of the shark. Once all the poison has been drained away, the meat is considered safe to eat and is then hung out to dry, which once it does is then cut into strips and served. It will be a matter of opinion just how tasty you find this recipe, but first you’re going to have to get past the very unusual and what most consider unpleasant odor.

Millennium Egg

This is an egg that is either called 100 or 1000 year old egg, or sometimes called the Century egg or the Millennium egg. Too many, this sounds most inconceivable especially to those who have had the opportunity to smell an egg that has rotted. Really, the egg that is talked about here is not that old but it is pretty well rotted. This egg is preserved in a mixture of ash and clay and lime for a few months.