Strange and Unusual Diseases

9439165_origThere are a lot of common diseases and illnesses that almost anyone can contract, but added to this large list is also some very strange ones.

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

This condition is also called Todd’s syndrome or Liliputian hallucinations. It is a brain disorder that changes the way an individual views himself in respect to his or her size. When they look at themself in the mirror, they see their body differently than what it actually is, and they may see their limbs or torso as being bigger or perhaps smaller than what they are. The interesting factor about this is that usually this idea that the individual has formed takes place mostly during the night. It doesn’t always apply to the body as they can also form the same perception about external objects. Scientists are unclear as to what is causing this, but they believe that it is associated with other conditions such as brain tumors or epilepsy, for example.

Water Allergy

Individuals who are afflicted with this condition are technically known as suffering from Aquagenic Urticaria. Basically what happens to these individuals is that if they come in contact with water, they will immediately develop hives. These are most commonly found on the upper part of the body or the neck and arms. This is a difficult condition to deal with because these individuals are not able to go live a normal life, and would run into difficulties with the hives if they were to take a shower or get caught in the rain, for example. It has been documented that in some very rare cases, even if they drink water they will have a reaction.

Walking Corpse Syndrome

With this condition individuals that are afflicted with it believe that some of the parts of their body is missing, or that they don’t have a soul because it has become lost or it has died. The big problem with this condition is that those suffering with it will avoid eating and drinking because they basically believe that they don’t need to.