Strange and Unusual Dealths

Everybody knows that at some point in time they are going to die and most people hope that it will be in the least painful and quickest way possible. However, some people have met strange ends to life that were absolutely bizarre.

Garry Hoy

Gary was a Canadian lawyer who was most pleased with his 24th floor office and particularly the unbreakable windows. Just to prove how effective these windows were, he once threw himself against them to demonstrate their toughness. However, the window didn’t break but what did happen is that it popped out of its frame, and as you can guess Garry fell to his death.

Clement Vallandigham

clement_vallandigham_-_brady-handyClement was a US lawyer that lived during the 19th century. He was defending a client that had been accused of murder, and Clement was trying to demonstrate that the victim actually accidentally shot himself. However, during the demonstration, Clement did actually shoot himself and died on the spot.

Sigurd the Mighty

Sigurd was an Earl among the Norsemen and of course was involved in many battles. In one instance, he cut the head off of his enemy which he then tied to his horse’s saddle. While riding home in victory, one of the protruding teeth from the head grazed Sigurd’s leg. The end result was that he died from an infection.

Frank Hayes

Frank was a well-known jockey back in 1923 and he was running a race in Belmont Park in New York. He finished the race as he crossed the line in a 20 to 1 outside of victory. What is unique about the story is that Frank suffered a heart attack halfway through the race but his body stayed in the saddle until the race was finished. Talk about being dedicated until the very win. He did won the race.