Strange and Unusual Birth Customs

Most countries have their own rituals and customs and this is also true when a woman gives birth to a child. Some may seem strange and unusual but many have existed for years.

Baby Doesn’t Touch the Ground

ohlsiglBalinese babies are not allowed to touch the ground from the time they are given birth to the time they reach the age of three months. This is because the baby is one of purity and touching the ground would defile the baby. This is so important that when the baby becomes of age where the child is allowed to touch the ground, there is a ceremony to commemorate this.

Placenta Eating

In some customs, mothers will eat the placenta following the birth of the child. They believe that the placenta is full of nutrients that the baby has been feeding off while in the womb, therefore if the Mom consumes this then the baby will continue getting these nutrients via the breast feeding.

Wedding Cake Blessings

Once a baby is born in Ireland, many parents believe that a piece of their wedding cake must be preserved for the birth celebration. Pieces of the cake that has been preserved will be fed to guests, but a few crumbs will be sprinkled on the newly borned baby’s forehead.

Spit Blessings

When a Wolof woman gives birth, one of the most significant blessings that can be imparted is spitting on the child. People believe that saliva contains words, so when they spit on their newborn they are receiving blessings through the words that may be contained in the spit.

Birthing Alone

While traditionally in most births there are people present to assist them, this is not always the case in Nigeria. Women entering into labor here are expected to do it alone. Afterwards, a midwife can be relied on for the cleanup and support.