Strange and Unusual Animals and Insects

There are many different types of animals that roam our planet and not many people would know about all the ones that exist. There are some that are known to be very strange, and it is likely that you would get to spot them.

Tibetan Santa Fox

tibetan-fox-square-headThis is a tiny little fox that is found in Tibet, China, and while fox on their own are quite common, what makes this one so unique is that it has very unusual features to its face.

Long Eared Jerboa

For those that don’t like rodents, the ones that you commonly come in contact with would seem mild compared to this long eared little guy. He was first caught on camera back in 2007, and they are found in different parts of Mongolia and China. They have extremely long ears which are what makes them so distinct, but it is believed that they developed these in order to help them keep cool in their desert habitat.


If you happen to love deer but don’t care much for mice then you might be of an undecided opinion when it comes to the Chevrotain. This very unique animal appears to have the body of a deer but has a head that looks very much like that of a mouse. Not only is it strange, but there are several different species of it and they are found throughout different parts of Asia and Africa.

Panda Ant

If you enjoy seeing Panda bears at zoo, most likely what appeals to you the most are their beautiful black and white colors. You might see a smaller version of this or at least color wise if you get to see a Panda Ant. They actually look quite cute, and they are a fuzzy insect that look like tiny little wasps that have no wings. However, be aware because just like a Wasp they can give you a nasty sting.