All About the Suburb Store

It used to be so before the age of computers was upon us that friends would gather at the local coffee shop and spend some time socializing with each other. Many conversations were conducted about latest news, and people often turned up to talk about strange or weird events that were taking place in the world. Now with modern technology and people always on the move, you don’t see many coffee shop gatherings that foster these types of conversations.

So this site in a way is a modern day version of a virtual coffee shop. Visitors here are encouraged to go and get themselves a cup of coffee or tea if that is your preference, and settle in for some very interesting posts. These are posts that have their focus on weird and strange happenings and events that are happening in our world, but are often missed, unless one is doing an online search for them specifically.

The posts you will get to enjoy here include interesting material about things such as strange worth exploring places and weird animals. There is some talk about some very unusual illnesses. This is just a glimpse of what you are about to find here. Hopefully you will find much of this stuff interesting and very intriguing. At the very least it is going to give you some time away from the hectic world that you live in as you become absorbed in what you are reading. No longer will you have nothing to talk about at your next social event.